Alash with Evil City Trio Stephane Wrembel Rich dePaulo - "Please" Patti Witten with Rich dePaulo Iraqui Oud Masters Together Jann Klose "Still" Burns Sisters XMas Show 2008 Diana Leigh Quartet - "Like Someone in Love" Joe Crookston Thanksgiving Special Jann Klose Greg Klyma LIVE 35th Parallel Shaoham Einav LIVE Blue Skies "Sweet Sue" Blue Skies "Oh My Heart" Bernard Woma Trio LIVE Miles Brown Trio LIVE Miche Fambro LIVE Stacy Rock LIVE GoGones "Eternity's Well" Live Walter Strauss and TenSleep LIVE Bernie Upson Quartet Live Aro Veno "Nothing to be Proud Of" Sillanpaa Family "Different Past" Tori Sparks "Trouble" Tori Sparks "Cold War" Felipe Salles Quintet Live Cafe Antarsia Ensemble "Change" for Obama The Lost Rangers with Dee Specker Live "Baby I Love You" Colleen Kattau and Some Guys "Mama's Cookin'" Live Trevor MacDonald Band Live Radio London "It Wasn't Me !" Live ! Sacha Perry Trio Live at Carriage House Loft Part One Sacha Perry Trio Live at Carriage House Loft - Part 2 The "R & B Allstars" Live at Lost Dog Lounge Evil City String Band "Cotton Eye Joe" Live Neal Massa Blues Trio " Till the Day I Die" Charles Davis Trio Live - Part One Charles Davis Live - Part Two Radio London "Gimmie Some Lovin" Ithaca Dixieland Band Live at Lost Dog Cafe Radio London "C'est La Vie" Colleen Kattau Kelly Birch "25 or 6 to 4" The Yardvark s "They Don't Know About Us" The Yardvarks "Let's Go to Bed Early" 35th Paralel Live at the Lost Dog Cafe Blue Sky Mission Club Yardvarks Live Shoghaken Armenian Folk Ensemble Miriam Aziz "Bright-Eyed Girl" Yuri Yunakov's Wedding Ensemble BABiK Live!

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