An Intern's Experience

After four short months of interning with Crossing Borders LIVE, I’m so glad I chose to apply and dedicate my time to the radio concert series. I was away in London when I heard that Denice was looking for spring interns, and my application was somewhat last minute. I hastily sent in my resume, and mere hours later, I found out that I was accepted.

Working with Crossing Borders LIVE has been quite the experience, especially in my field of Public Relations. I helped to promote each of our upcoming events, both on Facebook and our website. I played around with the website a bit as well, recalling old HTML skills and shouting with joy when I saw that my changes had worked. I put together press releases, which also gave me a chance to learn a bit about the visiting artists. I spent countless hours designing posters, fiddling around in Photoshop until it looked just right. Does that font look good? No, let’s try this one. I’m not sure how I feel about this shade of red. Is it too crowded? Is there too much white space? I don’t like this at all; I think I’ll ditch it and start over. It sounds stressful, but the work was actually quite fun to do. It was certainly nice to hear concert guests praising my work or commenting that they loved a certain element in one of my posters.

Attending each concert that Crossing Borders LIVE put on was a fantastic way to see how all of our work had paid off. There was that one concert, of course, when so many people showed up we almost had to turn them away. Many were left standing in the back of the room, as we experienced an unfortunate lack of chairs. But I’m sure they soon realized it was worth it; Daniel Kahn and The Painted Bird put on an excellent and entertaining show. Weeks later, Guy Mendilow and Sofia Tosello appeared in town, again providing Ithaca with the sound of great talent. I even got to try my hand at overtone singing before the show, instructed by Guy himself. Besides just sitting back and relaxing as these musicians took over the room, I pulled out my camera and took dozens of photographs of the performers for Denice to have on file. Looking back and editing the pictures later, I realized again what fantastic shows we had put together.

I’ve learned that it takes many hands to keep this sort of business going, and Denice, the other interns, and myself all collaborated well. We made a great team, and I’m glad I got to experience such a friendly environment while working at the same time. If I had to choose what to call my favorite part of this internship, I would have to say attending concerts and seeing our work in action. To stand in the back of the room selling tickets and welcoming people, to photograph the artists and hear their unique music, and to see my posters hanging all around the venue (in addition to the whole town!) is exciting and rewarding.

It’s been a fun semester, to say the least. Thanks, Denice, for such a great opportunity! I can’t wait to see what Crossing Borders LIVE does in the future.