1st Hour: George Brooks
2nd Hour: Katherine Aelias Trio live from the studio

George Brooks: Barnes Hall concert from April 3

Crossing Borders LIVE 9th Annual Youth Series

Live from the Carriage House Hayloft

What they say...

It was such a pleasure to play at Crossing Borders. Everything about my experience was positive. The crew, the venue and Greg were all a treat. Thanks so much for making it happen. I really do look forward to working with you all again in this and other capacities.

-Jann Klose

Crossing Borders is a gem for the Ithaca community. Its a totally unique program that shares incredibly fascinating and intense music to an audience that might not otherwise have opportunity to hear such different stuff. Whether driving around on a weekend night out, or relaxing at home, or being right there in the live audience, the music Crossing Borders provides is always captivating.

-Papa Muse

Dear Denice,I had such a great time performing in Ithaca and presenting the workshop 'just do it'. Crossing Borders provided a very nurturing ground for my music. Great sound combined with a beautiful ambience gave us a save space to go into deep musical realms. Thanks for broadcasting this intimate experience and making it available to a broader audience.

-Cassis B.

Dear Denice,
More people need to know of your huge contribution to the cultural and musical life of this community. There are performers from every part of the musical spectrum coming to our little town because of you and your show. And the show is free on the radio--what an incredible thing! Your commitment to bringing music that is off the beaten track and artists who defy category really broadens and enriches us all. I am honored to have been a performer on Crossing Borders and I look forward to another opportunity in the future. Thanks for the great music and engaging interviews, Denice, week after week--you really are one of the folks who walks the talk! Very best to you.

-Frank Campos

We found the experience of playing on Crossing Borders to be fun, the staff was supportive and professional, the audience was appreciative and attentive and the host..of awesome! We have also enjoyed both attending and listening to many excellent, high quality shows by other wonderful artists and feel very strongly that the show is in fact an asset to the community and it's support of the arts (and simply for excellent quality entertainment)

-Katherine Aelias

Crossing Borders is a unique entity in a culturally progressive region well known for it's musical richness. Denice does an amazing job of featuring musicians from around the world (literally!) and around the corner, frequently collaborating with each other and making history in the process. My experiences as a guest host have been some of the most satisfying gigs ever!

-Nate Silas Richardson

Crossing Borders is a real community treasure. I can think of no other local radio offering that has the capacity to forge common ground, understanding and just plain good vibes. Producer Denice Karamardian has done a stellar job bringing our local, national and international communities together; something sorely needed in this day and age of rabid politics, endless war and fractured human relationships.

-Tish Pearlman, Host/Producer "Out of Bounds" radio show

Crossing Borders is an amazing series with such a groovy eclectic mix of music (and musicians). I applaud you and the rest of the crew for bringing these musicians into our homes. Having said that, it probably is an incredible amount of work holding it together and I really admire you for all that you have done with it.

-Kristen Park

Thank-you as always so much for bringing some of the most inspiring music I've ever heard to town!

-John Stetch

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Crossing Borders LIVE presents a culture collision with Rockwood Ferry and Souk!

Crossing Borders LIVE multicultural radio concert series brings together two Ithaca favorite entities in a rousing joint concert: Rockwood Ferry and Souk in concert on Sunday March 30 beginning at 5:00pm (until 8pm) at the Carriage House Hayloft, 305 Stewart Avenue Ithaca, NY. Rockwood Ferry features the haunting music of songwriter Tenzin Chopak, while Souk features the Middle Eastern grooves of traditional Arabic, Turkish and Persian music. Each will perform a 75 minute set as well as a joint session. Tickets cost $15 at the door. Advance tickets are available for $10 at Greenstar and Angry Mom Records. The concert will be recorded for a future broadcast.

Rockwood Ferry, fronted by songwriter Tenzin Chopak, evokes “music from the ground, for the heart… in a language of human emotion with tenderness and ferocity.” Since their first performance in December of 2011, the ensemble has released two studio albums: Speak Like Water (July 2012) and the self titled Rockwood Ferry (April 2013). They have toured and performed in various configurations, from duo to quintet, specializing in chamber-like arrangements with an emphasis on dynamic expressions that move between simplicity and intricacy, all of which frame Chopak's lyrics, described as a collage of waking dreams, painted in the colors of East Tennessee and beyond. Listeners have described Rockwood Ferry's live performances as incandescent and stunningly beautiful, while from the perspective of the group, their aim is simply to offer something meaningful and, in the words of Eric Aceto: We like it when it sounds like music.

In addition to Chopak on vocals, guitar and piano, an all-star line-up for the event includes Eric Aceto on violin, Rich DePaolo on guitar, Bill King on percussion, and Peter Dodge on piano, accordion, trumpet/coronet/euphonium, melodica and vocals.

Souk brings another dimension to the evening with a delicious blend of traditional music from around the Middle East. Souk was formed in 2010 by Nikolai Ruskin (percussion, oud, and nay) and includes Max Buckholtz, Dara Anissi, Jesse Koennecke, and Joseph Prusch, though these musicians have been performing together for nearly a decade. Their music includes a variety of styles primarily from Arabic and Turkish music, and focuses on Maqam and Iqa, the scales and rhythms that define these traditions. Souk also includes music from areas which have common roots in the Maqam system, such as Greek and Persian music.

The name is from the Arabic word for market – Souk, also known as Souq or Suq. Historically, souqs were held outside of cities in the location where a caravan loaded with goods would stop and merchants would display their goods for sale. Souqs were held when there was a caravan or more available. At that time, souqs were more than just a market to buy and sell goods; they were also major festivals and many cultural and social activities took place in them. The group’s goal is to create an atmosphere that ranges from relaxing background music to exciting dance music, and to share the sound of the Middle East in a way that listeners from all walks of life might connect with.

For more information about Rockwood Ferry see For info about Souk, go to For info about Crossing Borders LIVE, visit, “like” our Facebook page, Crossing Borders LIVE, or mail us at